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I am an anthropologist turned circus artist with a passion for writing and researching. I have been writing blog and SEO content about travel, culture, and cuisine for four years. My love of researching and connection through writing is as insatiable as my wanderlust for travel and cultural immersion.

My experience in graduate school both as a researcher and a teaching assistant has bestowed an invaluable toolset of methodical investigation, academic integrity, and a passion for travel and cultural immersion. Traveling around the globe as a performer compliments my academic knowledge with lived experience.  I bring a unique perspective and a steadfast discipline that will benefit future collaborations with your company.

Tepoztlan: Exploring the most magical Pueblo Magico

Central Mexico has some of the richest cultural diversity in the republic, but it also has amazing topography. Central Mexico lies amongst beautifully lush, cloud-covered mountains with year-round mild climates. Mexico City is at the center of the region, but just an hour or two in all directions will reveal quaint colonial-style cities and towns nestled into the highlands and valleys of the Mexican sierras. One such town is Tepoztlan, located in the beautiful state of Morelos. Tepoztlan is the

Regional cuisine in the Yucatan Peninsula

Mexicans pride themselves on having the best food in the world, and within Mexico, each region has its local and unique dishes that they then contend are the best in Mexico. Hopefully, you will have enough time off to explore Mexico’s diverse regions and taste the local cuisine to decide for yourself. However, to tempt you into visiting the Yucatan Peninsula, “yucatecos” and “quintanarooenses” tote a variety of local cuisine featured in restaurants and street carts that will wow you as much as t

Exploring the majestic pyramids of Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza is deemed one of the seven wonders of the world and for good reason; these mighty and mysterious ruins convey the uncanny intelligence of the pre-Colombian Mayans in the execution of an architectural feat so perfectly and poetically connected to the earth´s rotation around the sun. Chichen Itza is located in the state of Yucatan and lies at the mouth of a giant cenote, the main source of water for which the city was named; Chichen Itza in Maya means “at the mouth of the well of Itza

Bacalar: Pueblo Magico and the lagoon of 7 colors

Mexico’s rich and diverse culture, warm people, and beautiful nature are a winning combination that attracts throngs of tourists from all over the world. While many beach and large city destinations are well-known and visited on a massive scale, tourists often miss out on the charm and authenticity of smaller surrounding towns. For this reason, Mexico’s government initiated a campaign to promote tourism throughout the republic’s lesser-known but exceedingly magical towns or “pueblos magicos.” Ac

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